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Remote and Adhoc Vibration Monitoring


The big advantage of Remote Vibration Monitoring is that you always have a vibration expert to your disposal.

You will receive a vibration report every month, which covers not only the analysis of the vibration data, but also the process data is analysed.


If there is no analysing system available I can install a portable vibration monitoring system to analyse the data. This can vary from a 8,16 or 32 channel system.

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Advanced Vibration Measurements


FRF measurements:

Frequency Response Function measurements, also known as impact tests, provide insight into the natural frequencies of a structure. For example blades, generator end windings.


ODS Measurements:

Operation Deflection Shape measurements gives a better understanding of the movements of a structure during operation. At frequencies of interest movement in X-Y-Z direction can be analyzed and can help to get to the Root Cause of vibration problems


Blade Vibration Monitoring:

Changing operating conditions of your Steam Turbines can lead to accessive blade vibrations on the last stage blades of the LP-turbine. Installing advanced measuring equipment to the allready installed proximity probes will provide more insight in blade vibrations and the oppertunity to improve operating settings.


Torsional Vibration:

The growing amount of renewable energy sources contributes to more and heavier fluctuations in the grid. This can lead to more and heavier torsional vibrations on your shaft line accelerating fatigue. 

Measuring torsional vibrations provides more information about the condition of the shaft line and valuable input for CBM programs, resulting in major cost savings.


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Keeping the knowledge within your organization up to date can be a major challenge. When employees retire, there is a good chance that knowledge will be lost.
Let me help you to keep the knowledge about vibrations and everything that comes with it up to date.

Contact me and together we will explore the needs. Then I will put together a training with many practical examples, teaching learning models such as rotorkit, examples of sensors and live demos.




Retrofit of your vibration protection/analysis system:

If you ever concern to replace or ad vibration monitoring systems let me help you. I am brand independent and have a good knowledge of todays developments.

I can help with:

  • Draw up system requirements
  • Help installing the systems
  • Performing the loop checks from the machine back to the protection system and DCS
  • Setting the alarm and trip levels
  • Checking the alarms and trip levels